Window and Garage Angle Iron Replacement

Looking for Window and Garage Angle Iron Replacement in Broad Ripple?

Window and garage angle irons are designed to support significant weight.

Typically available as a single bent at a 90-degree angle, the window angle iron is a durable piece of masonry equipment that tend to last for a long time. Eventually, however, they do need to be replaced. 

In this blog, we look at understanding the process for window and garage angle iron replacement in Broad Ripple.

We also give an overview of the material so that you go in knowing everything you need to know. 

What is a Window or Garage Angle Iron?

What is An Angle Iron

Window and garage angle irons are long rods that are usually bent at a 90-degree angle.

While most people don’t think about, or even notice them, they perform an important job in maintaining the structural integrity of garage doors, windows, and other certain furniture items.


What do they do?

Window and garage angle irons are primarily there for weight-bearing purposes.

They increase the structural integrity of whatever it is they are supporting, making them a necessary material for homeowners everywhere. 


Why are they important?

A garage door angle iron is important because it provides the necessary fortification and support.

Without the support of a high-quality angle iron, some things could not function at all, while others would not be able to withstand the wear and tear of heavy-duty. 


How to Spot Damage for Window and Garage Angle Iron Replacement

When you spot damage on your lintel, it’s usually an indication that it is time to look for a window and garage angle iron replacement in Broad Ripple.

When lintels begin to fail, they may result in vertical cracks going along the edge of the masonry work. 

Once the lintel has cracked, the entire structure may collapse, lending immediacy to the situation. 

When you notice damage, don’t hesitate: start to research window and garage angle iron Replacement in Broad Ripple right away. 


Is Angle Iron the Same as a Lintel?

The words “lintel” and angle iron are often used interchangeably.

There is no difference between a lintel replacement and an iron angle replacement.


Understanding the Window Angle Iron Replacement Process

Replacing a window angle iron can be a lengthy process. Below we outline everything you need to know about what it is and how to replace it. 

window angle iron


What is a Window Angle Iron?

Window angle irons support the weight of the frame structure.

They are usually there for load-bearing purposes which means when one fails a window lintel replacement is urgently needed. 


How to spot damage

Window lintels are not usually visible which can make detecting damage fairly difficult.

Vertical cracks directly above your window usually indicate that some damage to the lintel has been done. 

Crumbling brick or plaster could also be an indication of damage. 


How much does it cost to replace steel lintel?

There is a price range for steel lintel replacement. Usually, it comes in at around $100-400. However, what you pay can depend on the extent of the damage.

It’s important to have a specialist come out for a custom quote to get a true idea of what you will pay for a window and garage angle iron replacement in Broad Ripple.

Garage Angle Iron Replacement

A garage door lintel is a load-bearing rod that supports the structural integrity of your garage.

They perform ostensibly the same job as a window lintel, though they can be more of an undertaking to replace. 


What is a Garage Angle Iron

Garage angle irons provide support to the portion of the garage where the door opens and closes.

This area tends to be uniquely vulnerable to wear and tear from weather, and simply the vibration of the garage door. 

garage angle iron replacement


Most Common Signs of Damage

When the area of your garage near the door begins to sag it typically means that it is time to look into window and garage angle iron replacement in Broad Ripple. As with the window lintel, you may also notice cracks or flaking plaster. 


How long does it take to replace a garage lintel?

If everything goes well it can take between one and two days for window and garage angle iron replacement in Broad Ripple.

However, certain variables can influence your experience.

For example, if the plywood behind the angle iron is not sound it will add time and expense to the project. 

Process of Getting Your Window and Angle Iron Replaced Properly

angle iron replacement process

Getting a window and garage angle iron replacement in Broad Ripple can be something of an undertaking.

When you start the process it is very helpful to have a trusted masonry contractor. 


Research the process 

Before you select a contractor it is a good idea to arm yourself with as much information as possible.

Knowing the typical price range, project length, and other considerations can help you know what to expect going in. 


Research 3-5 trusted masonry contractors in Indianapolis 

It's always a good idea to look at more than one contractor. By looking at between 3-5, you increase your odds of finding someone dependable. 


Figure out the window/garage angle iron replacement price range

It’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the price range.

If a Broad Ripple masonry contractor gives you an estimate that sounds too little or too high, a little bit of advance research will help you spot the discrepancy and ask useful questions. 


Request a free custom quote from the masonry companies you found

Finally, ask for a free custom quote from all of the contractors you research.

Getting multiple bids allows you to find the solution that is most suitable to your budget and your home’s needs. 

Be a Confident Chimney Owner

Now you can confidently get your window and garage angle irons replaced for a trusted Broad Ripple masonry company. Though the process can be stressful and expensive it helps to go in prepared. 

This guide has equipped you with everything you need to know about replacing lintels. Now it is time to do local research. Find contractors, get a quote, and get your angle iron fixed. 

request a free quote for angle iron replacement


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