Find Quality Chimney Crown Repair Services in Broad Ripple

Find Quality Chimney Crown Repair Services in Broad Ripple

Chimney crowns prevent water from leaking into chimneys, doing damage, and creating safety concerns.

They are a vital part of protecting your home or business and require occasional maintenance to keep them functioning at peak capacity. 

In this article, we take a look at how you can get chimney crown repair in Broad Ripple.

We will also take a look at the ins and outs of other considerations, like chimney crown repair cost.


Understand the Basics of Chimney Crowns

what is a chimney crown

Without a chimney crown, your chimney will eventually take in water which can lead to more significant damage.

Chimney crown repair in Broad Ripple can help you avoid this


Is a chimney crown necessary? 

Chimney crown repair in Broad Ripple is necessary for keeping your chimney safe and effective.

Chimney crown functionality diagram

Without both a proper chimney crown and a chimney cap, not only will water get in, but debris will build up in the flue, reducing efficiency and increasing the risk of experiencing a dangerous carbon monoxide build-up in your home. 

In other words, yes. Having a functional, high-quality chimney crown is extremely  necessary. 


what to look for


How do you know when you need a chimney crown replacement? 

There are 5 main signs that signify you need to look into chimney crown repair in Broad Ripple:

#1) Rust - Rust means moisture. If there are any signs of rust at all within your fireplace, it means that water is getting in somehow. More times than not, this is a clear indicator that your chimney crown has experienced damage and needs to be repaired. 

#2) Falling tiles - Your flue is lined with tiles. When they begin to fall, it may be an indication that degradation has occurred and that you need to look into chimney crown repair in Broad Ripple. 

#3) Cracks - Of course, any sign of physical degradation on the chimney crown itself is a very strong indicator that you need chimney crown repair in Broad Ripple. Even very small cracks can compromise the integrity of the cap. While tiny damage may not produce immediately visible results within your home, it will be enough to let in moisture, dirt, and bugs, which will wreak havoc over time. When you catch cracks early,  you can minimize the cost of your repair, and ensure that you don’t experience more significant damage within your home. 

#4) Interior Chimney Damage - Are there any indications of damage within the interior of your chimney flue? Look closely. Discoloration, blotches, chipped or peeling paint, and more are all indications of moisture infiltration. Any time there is a sign that water is getting into your chimney, it usually means you need to look into chimney crown repair in Broad Ripple. 

#5) Chimney Degradation - The final and most significant sign of crown damage is realized in the form of degradation to the chimney itself. When bricks fall, it means that you need more than just chimney crown repair. At this point, the damage is to your home as well. The objective of any homeowner should be to make sure that things don’t get this far. Inspect your crown regularly to make sure that any signs of damage are detected early. 

Replacing a chimney can cost many thousands of dollars. Proactive maintenance eliminates the need for major repairs.

While the chimney crown cost can be up to $1000, it is a necessary purchase that can prevent much higher expenses down the line. 


Most Popular Types of Chimney Crowns

Chimney crowns are distinguished by several different material options, each of which comes with its own pros and cons.

Price may vary based on the type of material you choose.

The specifics of your home and the chimney itself may dictate which option is best for you, so study up on your options and ask the contractors you meet questions regarding what they would recommend and why. 


Concrete chimney crown



Concrete crowns are the most popular option.

They are effective, and relatively easy to repair, making them an enticing choice for homeowners that want a combination of efficacy and affordability. 


Stone chimney crowns



Stone caps are usually chosen for their ornate appearance and can be effective but will require regular maintenance.

When maintenance needs do occur, they are usually more expensive and may require specialized assistance. 


Metal chimney crowns



Metal chimney caps are an emerging trend.

They may be more expensive than some of the other options but tend to benefit from low maintenance requirements.

Metal is not likely to crack the way stone and concrete will over time, however, you do still need to look out for dents, rust, and other hazards that can undermine your chimney’s performance. 

Benefits of Having an Effective Chimney Crown

The benefits of having a chimney crown are significant, but boil down to security.

Without a crown, your chimney is vulnerable to infiltration from essentially anything that is outside. Not only does the crown prevent damage to your home, but it’s also an important safety measure. 

Damaged fireplaces can cause a risk of large, unmanageable fires. They can also lead to carbon monoxide buildups.

A long-neglected fireplace may even need to be decommissioned entirely—an undertaking that can cost thousands of dollars in its own right.

Often, regular maintenance and repairs are all it takes to keep your chimney going strong for as long as the rest of your house. 


top benefits of chimney crowns


Increase the life of your chimney

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of having an effective chimney crown is that it will increase the life expectancy of your chimney.

Chimneys are made to last and can do well for up to 100 years. 

However, you still need to be vigilant. Regular maintenance is critical to ensuring the quality and performance of your chimney.

A good cap is the most effective way to guarantee that your chimney has a long life. 


Limits water damage and mold

Water damage can lead to rust and mold, both in your fireplace and potentially in your home itself.

In more significant cases, water damage can threaten the integrity of your chimney, leading to cracks in the mortar that can cost thousands of dollars to repair. 

It’s important to remember that at this point the damage is to your home itself. Repair is necessary, costly, and frustrating. 

Water can also produce mold that remains undetected for long periods of time. Mold thrives in dark, damp spaces.

A chimney that has experienced water damage can serve as an ideal environment.

For homeowners it is particularly nefarious, lurking out of sight and growing in a way that is dangerous both for the chimney and for the health of your family. 

If you believe that your fireplace is experiencing mold damage it is important to contact a chimney sweep immediately for a cleaning and to look into repairs that correct the source of the problem. 

Boost the efficiency of your chimney

Chimney crown repair in Broad Ripple can also make your fireplace perform more effectively.

As contaminants build up, they begin to clog the chimney flue, making it harder for air to pass through. 

When this happens, the performance suffers, and dangerous gases spread slowly throughout your house. Carbon monoxide poising can be deadly and is often difficult to detect—particularly when it builds up slowly over time. 

It’s also important to keep in mind that animals can get in through the chimney. The most common animals to get in through chimneys include:

  • Squirrels
  • Bats
  • Birds
  • Raccoons

All chimney caps serve to reduce this problem. Additionally, your can be adjusted to account specifically for certain pests.

For example, many chimney caps will include wire mesh materials that make it impossible for squirrels to gain access to your home. 

4-Step Process for Getting a Chimney Crown Repaired

The first step to getting your chimney crown repaired is to find a masonry contractor that you trust.

As with any big repair, it is a good idea to get multiple quotes and find out what a variety of different professionals think. 


Full Proof 4-Step Process for Getting a Chimney Crown Repaired

#1) Decide what material you’ll use

As mentioned above, there are a number of different types of chimney crowns, each with its own set of pros and cons.

Every home's needs may be unique. For example, you might choose a stone cap to compliment the design of your home. Or, you might select a concrete slab, for its performance. 

As you research your options, try to think beyond the sticker price.

Repair costs may add up over time, making a pricey cap more affordable over time. 

#2) Research 3-5 trusted masonry contractors in Indianapolis 

It’s important to set yourself up with options as you look into chimney crown repair in Broad Ripple.

Not only does talking to many people increase your odds of identifying a contractor that you will trust but it may also help you better understand the process and figure out what you are looking for in a chimney cap. 

#3) Figure out the chimney crown repair cost range

Understanding the typical price range is important. Of course, you don’t want to pay too much for your chimney cap.

It’s equally important, however, to make sure you aren’t paying too little. 

Your chimney cap is an important safety feature for your home. You want a product that will last a long time, and, hopefully, not experience significant upkeep costs.

Buy for budget, but also make sure that quality doesn’t suffer in the process. 

#4) Request a free custom quote from the masonry companies you found

It’s important to get multiple quotes. Request a free masonry quote from all of the contractors that you speak with, and feel free to ask follow-up questions.

“Contractor X quoted me this much. Why is your quote significantly higher/lower?” 

Differences in quotes can help you establish the trustworthiness of a contractor, but they can also help you learn more about your chimney cap needs.

A high quote could signify dishonesty, but it could also mean that a contractor feels your chimney requires additional support that other contractors did not identify. Knowledge is power so learn as much as you can during the quote process. 

Now You’re Ready to Find the Best Options for Chimney Crown Repair in Broad Ripple

To recap:

  • Every chimney is unique. Whether it be for style or efficacy,  your chimney may have material specifications that should be met to get the most out of your cap. 
  • It’s good to have options. It’s always a good idea to speak to multiple contractors. Not only does this give you a broader price range, but it can also give you insights that you can’t get from speaking to a single contractor. 
  • The lowest price isn’t always the best option. Cost of ownership may be the most significant consideration as you think about what chimney cap is right for you. 
  • Being proactive is key. Regular maintenance and repairs are significantly more affordable than total replacements. Not only do they save you money on the cost of a new crown, but they also help you avoid the costly damage that can arise from cracks and other wear and tear. 

It’s important to go with a reliable, detail-oriented Broad Ripple masonry contractor.

Talk to several people, get a quote, and find out what company is the best fit for your chimney crown repair needs.


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