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Full Chimney Rebuilds in Plainfield, What You Need To Know

No one is thrilled to hear the news that they are going to need a full chimney rebuild in Plainfield. And yet the process doesn’t need to be entirely painful. It’s all about finding professionals you can trust to handle the job. 

Proper chimney maintenance is all about recognizing the problem signs and picking the right people to give you a hand in your maintenance, cleaning, and even replacement work. In this article, we provide a sweeping look at everything you need to know about getting a full chimney rebuild in Plainfield. 

Find a Reputable Chimney Contractor

Finding a reputable chimney contractor in Plainfield, Indiana can be hard but look no further because Hoosier Masonry Solutions has the skills you need.

It’s important to pick the right team for your full chimney rebuild in Plainfield. A good contractor will be able to walk you through all of your options and help you choose the solution that works best for your needs. Below, we talk about the qualities to look for in a masonry contractor. 

Look For a Licensed Masonry Contractor 

Making sure that the professional is licensed to perform masonry work in your area is important. While it is possible for the layperson to do light masonry tasks—much of the equipment is sold at your local hardware store—there are some jobs you just can’t rely on your handyperson to complete. 

Getting a full chimney rebuild in Plainfield is one such thing. It’s a big job so make sure the person you pick is coming in with the proper credentials. 

Check For Insurance Coverage

It’s easy to wonder why you should care if your contractor has insurance. It’s advisable, of course, but isn’t that a personal choice on their part?

Well, not so much, actually. Insured contractors have coverage that will take care of them financially if they are injured on the job. This takes all of the liability out of your hands. 

On the other hand, when a contractor isn’t insured, they can potentially take civil action against you to recuperate losses based on their injury. 

It’s not the sort of thing you plan on happening, but at the same time, you do want to eliminate it as a possibility when possible. 

Read Reviews And Ask For References 

Of course, online reviews aren’t everything. There is that old saying about the squeaky wheel. In an increasingly customer service-based economy, some people will complain extravagantly about minor issues in the hopes of attaining some sort of advantage. 

One or two bad reviews don’t say much about a company. However, you do want to make sure there isn’t a pattern of bad performance before you make your hire. Read the online reviews, and ask for references. Most reliable contractors will be all too pleased to provide them. 

Note that a lack of reviews or references could simply mean that the business is newer and still getting off the ground. Still, for a big job like a full chimney rebuild in Plainfield, you may want to go with a proven company. 

Get a Thorough Inspection

If your chimney is in need of a thorough inspection, you may want to consider reaching out to Hoosier Masonry Solutions for the best quality inspection in Indianapolis.

Before having any major project done at your house, it’s a good idea to have the area pending service get a thorough and qualified inspection. In fact, even when you aren’t considering a full chimney rebuild in Plainfield, it is a good idea to get your chimney regularly inspected to detect damage. 

Have A Professional Chimney Inspector Examine Your Chimney

Get a professional out to your chimney right away to have it evaluated. They will be able to assess the unit’s condition and determine what steps should come next. In many cases, a damaged chimney can be repaired without the need for a full chimney rebuild in Plainfield. 

Either way, you’ll find out what needs to be done with your inspection. 

Types Of Chimney Inspections 

There are three different levels of chimney inspections. Level 1 sees the pros take a look at the readily accessible areas on your chimney—usually a combination of interior and exterior spots. 

Level 2 involves scanning equipment, required to determine that the interior infrastructure is sound enough for intricate repair work. 

Level 3 inspections don’t happen very often because they involve taking the chimney apart to see how corrupted it is. Because this method is extremely invasive, it is usually only used as a last resort. However, it may be able to open the door to options that don’t require a total replacement, protecting your home’s value while sparing you the cost of a full chimney rebuild in Plainfield. 

Timing of Inspections, How Often Should Your Chimney Be Inspected? 

Most experts agree that even during normal times you should have your chimney inspected every year.

Choose The Right Materials

Choosing the right materials for your chimney rebuild in Plainfield can be tricky, but trust the pros, we know what's best for you.

Choosing the right materials will have a big impact on how your new chimney performs.  

Consider The Type Of Fuel Being Used

The fuel type can have a big impact on what materials you use. For example, wood-burning fireplaces may require different bricks or flue lining than gas units. 

Choose The Right Type Of Masonry

The professionals that you choose should be more than happy to walk you through your masonry options. Fireplaces do use special masonry bricks. You will also be able to make cosmetic choices. 

Hire A Professional And Ask For Their Recommendations

Ultimately, a good professional is going to be your best bet for all full chimney rebuilds in Plainfield recommendations. 

Prepare Your Home

Here are some things you can do to prepare your home for a full chimney rebuild in Plainfield, Indiana.

While the pros will handle most of the leg work, there are some basic preparations you can make to help the job along. 

Clear The Area Around The Chimney 

While there is no need to do a deep clean, you should at least make sure that the area around your chimney is cleared out. 

Protect The Surrounding Area

There will be a lot of heavy equipment coming in and out of your house. It’s a good idea to prepare the area with tarps to avoid damage. 

Inform Your Neighbors

It’s always a good courtesy to give your neighbors a heads-up when you have a big project going on at your house. 

Stay Informed Throughout The Project

Your team is going to handle most of the work. Still, it’s a good idea to keep in touch during the project. Ask for updates, and keep your ear tuned to what is going on. Getting a full chimney rebuild in Plainfield doesn’t have to be a nightmare. 

Looking to start on a full chimney rebuild? Our article about choosing a brick type for your chimney can be a good place to start!

Are you planning to have your chimney rebuilt or even repaired? Give us a call!

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