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Replacing Your Chimney Crown in Plainfield, Indiana?

Chimney crowns are an essential element of keeping your home safe from the elements.

While they are made to last, they can wear down over time.

When the situation gets bad enough, a full replacement may be necessary. 

When that happens, it’s good to go in with all of the requisite information to make an informed decision.

In this article, we review what role a crown plays in the overall health of your fireplace network, and what to do if you feel you need chimney crowns in Plainfield replaced.

Read on to learn more!

What Is a Chimney Crown?

what is a chimney crown and why do i need it replaced in plainfield, indiana?

Before we talk more about chimney crowns in Plainfield, it is important to learn more about what they do and what it means when they need to be replaced. 

The Primary Function Of a Chimney Crown

As you probably already know, your fireplace has a direct line to the outdoors.

Smoke, heat, and carbon have to have somewhere safe to go, otherwise, they could cause serious problems in your home. 

However, you also can’t just have a big hole in your roof.

Chimney crowns in Plainfield provide the solution. 

They serve as a barrier between your home, and outside forces like moisture or even pests that could otherwise gain access to your home through the chimney. 

The Different Types Of Chimney Crowns

While there isn’t an enormous amount of variety in chimney crowns in Plainfield, subtle variations do exist in terms of design and material usage.

The primary material types are stone, concrete, and steel.

Concrete is most frequently chosen as it is both affordable and structurally sound. 

However, steel has gained significant traction in recent years both for its stylish, modern appearance, and its durability. 

Stone chimney crowns are typically chosen to compliment existing masonry work.

They can also be very effective, though they typically cost more than the other options. 

Even Well Built Chimney Crowns Deteriorate Over Time

Chimney crowns in Plainfield can last almost as long as your house (which basically means forever, as long as maintenance is kept up with).

But when left to its own devices, your chimney crown will wear down eventually.

That rain that you are protecting your home from will instead have its way with the crown. 

Physical trauma is also a possibility.

Branches fall. High winds blow. Damage gets done.

When that happens, you need to call in a professional to see if your chimney crowns in Plainfield can be salvaged. 

If Left Unchecked, a Damaged Chimney Crown Can Lead To Significant Problems

Typically, a little bit of damage isn’t such a big deal.

You’ll have to pay to get it fixed, but so long as you do, the rest of your chimney/fireplace network will be just fine.

It’s when the damage gets ignored that problems begin to emerge. 

Once the moisture starts to get in, it can damage your flu lining, and other aspects of your fireplace, increasing the risk of home fires, and structural problems. 

What Are The Signs That Your Chimney Crown Needs To Be Replaced?

what are the signs that your chimney crown needs to be replaced in plainfield, indiana?

Because your chimney crowns in Plainfield are high up on the roof it can be difficult to detect damage the moment it happens.

However, there are subtle signs that you may be able to pick up on that will help you discover the problem.

Visible Damage To The Crown

When damage is apparent even from the ground, that’s usually a pretty bad sign.

Of course, smaller cracks can also take place, but it probably isn’t a good idea for the layperson to get up on the roof and check them out. 

You can have the condition of your chimney professionally evaluated to detect problems before they get too big. 

Musty Odors Can Be a Sign Of Damage

As rain collects and settles it begins to produce a mildewy smell.

Once you start getting that musty basement vibe from your fireplace, it means there is a problem. 

Water Infiltration

Visible moisture is another sign of a damaged chimney crown.

The signs will probably be subtle. A damp appearance. Moisture beads, etc. 

How Is a Chimney Crown Replaced?

how is a chimney crown replaced in plainfield, indiana?

While getting your chimney crowns in Plainfield replaced can be a bit of a project, having the right team of professionals behind you can make all the difference. Below, we walk you through how the pros assess what needs to be done for a damaged chimney crown. 


The first thing your chimney contractor should do is check out the chimney itself to evaluate the extent of the damage and make sure that nothing else needs to be addressed.

Brace yourself. Moisture intrusion can cause other problems, so they may uncover issues. 

Removal of the old crown: 

If the professionals determine that the crown is damaged beyond repair, their next step will be to remove it.

This may involve chipping away at the old concrete and cement. 

Preparation of the surface: 

Once they have removed the crown, they will begin to prepare the surface.

This will most likely involve giving it a good clean and smoothing away edges and debris. 

Building the new crown: 

Once the service is prepped, they will set the crown.

The process for this may vary based on the material you have chosen. 


Now that the crown is set, it will need to be finished.

The contractor will most likely place a sealant on top to further protect it from moisture.  

Finding The Best Masonry Contractor For The Job

Now that you know the ins and outs of getting your chimney crowns in Plainfield replaced, it’s time to take the plunge and reach out for a quote.

Contact us today to find out what solutions are out there for your chimney crown replacement needs. 

Like what you learned? Feel free to read this blog and learn more about chimney maintenance and upkeep. 

need your chimney crown replaced? we have got you covered! contact us for a free quote with a masonry contractor in plainfield, indiana.

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