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What You Need to Consider When Replacing Your Chimney Crown in Westfield

Chimney crowns offer an essential layer of protection between your home and the elements.

Chimneys being the deceptively simple architectural features that they are, need basic fortification so as not to serve as an access point for moisture and pest intrusion. 

One such form of this protection is the chimney crown. You want one. You need one.

And sometimes, you’ll need to fix or replace the type of chimney crowns in Westfield that you already have. 

In this article, we take a look at everything you need to know about chimney crown replacement. 

What Is a Chimney Crown Anyway?

what is a chimney crown in westfield

Chimney crowns are the very topmost part of your chimney.

They are usually made up of a concrete slab just barely visible from the outside.

It’s the type of thing you might never even notice about your chimney unless you are specifically looking for it. 

They are a strong, durable feature of your home that should last for many years.

That said, they do require maintenance.

When things go really sidewise, you may need to start looking into replacements for chimney crowns in Westfield. 

Why Are Chimney Crowns Important? 

As we touched on in the introduction, chimney crowns are there to help prevent moisture and pest intrusion from getting into your home.

When excessive moisture gets into masonry work, it can cause the bricks to swell and bulge.

From there, they become a safety hazard for your home itself as well as the people living in it. 

Likewise, pests would have an easy time getting in your house by way of the chimney were it not for features like the chimney crown to keep them at bay. 

Types of Chimney Crowns  

While all chimney crowns in Westfield effectively perform the same function, there are different materials from which you can choose.

While concrete has long been a favorite for its combination of durability and affordability there are other types of chimney crowns to choose from as well.

Metal has quickly become a favorite for homeowners who want a durable, modern touch.

Stone, on the other hand, is frequently selected to complement existing outdoor décor features.

Bespoke outdoor masonry work is considered a desirable architectural feature that may add value to your home

Do I Need a Chimney Crown? 

It depends on how badly you need a chimney. Or, for that matter, a structurally sound home.

If you’re hoping to keep both, then yes. You do need a chimney crown. 

How You Can Tell if Your Chimney Crown is Built Properly

chimney crown built properly in westfield

Most chimney crowns in Westfield don’t require much thought on the part of the homeowner.

That said, there are several important features that will determine if your crown is doing what it is supposed to.

Crown Slope 

Chimney crowns in Westfield are supposed to slope away from the flue liner.

This is a moisture management feature.

A professionally appointed chimney crown will be designed to funnel water away from the inside of your house. 

Durable Crown Sealer 

Crown sealers go on top of chimneys to seal them up against moisture intrusion.

The materials are applied with a paintbrush and should last for years.

You can have the coating reapplied by pros when it wears off to ensure continuous protection. 

Chimney Covers 

Chimney covers are a mesh-like material that provides one final layer of protection against moisture and pest intrusion.

A professionally built chimney will feature this material as well. 

Chimney Crown Repair vs. Replacement

chimney crown repair vs replacement in westfield

Chimney crowns in Westfield can often be repaired with professional assistance.

Other times, a full replacement may be called for. 

Signs That You Need a Chimney Crown Repair 

You may notice that you need your chimney crown repaired if you notice moisture beading or other minor signs of water intrusion within your fireplace. 

Signs That You Need a Chimney Crown Replacement 

The more pronounced the warning signs become, the more likely it is that you will need a full-blown replacement.

When chimney crowns in Westfield need to be replaced, it is usually after years of neglect. 

You might notice problems if you see loose or swollen bricks, falling flue tiles, or visible damage to the chimney crown itself.

Of course, chances are you probably aren’t qualified to make the determination yourself.

If you were, you wouldn’t be reading this article. 

When in doubt, it is always best to call in the professionals.

They will be able to walk you through your options and help find a solution that suits your needs. 

Finding The Best Contractor to Fix My Chimney Crown 

It’s always a good idea to get multiple quotes and listen to a variety of opinions on what your chimney crown repair or replacement needs.

Good professionals will be all too eager to help walk you through your options.

Speak with a handful of people to make sure you land on the solution best suited to your family’s needs. 

Find a Masonry Contractor Today to Get Your Chimney Crown Repaired

Keeping your chimney crown in good condition is an important component of taking care of your home.

With regular maintenance, you may never need to replace it at all.

If, however, you are experiencing problems, it’s time to call in the pros. 

Contact us today for a reliable, detailed account of what it will take to get your chimney firing on all cylinders. 

Interesting in learning more about chimney maintenance? Don’t forget to take a look at our backlog!


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