Window and Garage Angle Iron Replacement in Greenwood

How to Find Window and Garage Angle Iron Replacement in Greenwood

Silent and unseen, window and garage angle irons play an important role in maintaining the structural integrity of your home. You’re here because there is probably something wrong with yours. 

But what? 

Most homeowners only become aware of their garage angle iron when there is an issue. Same goes for the window angle iron. To prevent significant damage, it is important to act quickly. 

Here’s the good news: In this article, we give you all the information you need to solve this problem quickly and effectively. Read on to learn more about window and garage angle iron replacement in Greenwood. 

What is an Angle Iron?

angle irons and lintels

Angle irons can have many applications.

The most common of which—at least for the people most likely to be reading this breakdown — is around your home! In the section below, we explain what they are and why they are important. 


Angle Irons

Angle irons are a metal rod that is used to add stability to masonry projects.

They can help keep brick or stone work from crumbling under the weight of the overall structure—particularly in the case of windows, or other structures that create a gap in the masonry work. 



The words lintel and angle iron are often used interchangeably. Lintels most often describe a flat piece of metal that serves a role similar to that of the angle iron. 


Where Are My Angle Irons?

Angle irons and lintels can be found in a variety of different spots throughout the home-though you typically will not be able to see them.

Most commonly, however, you will need one above your windows or garage door to help the overall structure withstand the weight as well as the vibrations caused by the opening motion. 


Are My Angle Irons Damaged? 

If you are reading this, chances are pretty good that your angle iron is damaged, and that you may need to look into window and garage angle iron replacement in Greenwood.

There are several different signs to look for, which we will explain below. 

Damaged Angle Iron or Lintel 

signs of a damaged angle iron

Note that while there are signs to look for when inspecting your lintels, it’s important to act quickly in the event that you detect damage.

Experts will help you detect if you need window and garage angle iron replacement in Greenwood.

By contacting a Greenwood masonry contractor early, you reduce the risk that your home will experience further damage. 


Bending or Caving Windows and Doorways

Bending or caving windows and doorways are a fairly dramatic sign that you need window and garage angle iron replacement in Greenwood.

Sagging structures indicate that the problem has become structural which can make the building unsafe to occupy. If you notice this symptom contact an expert immediately to keep your home and your family safe. 


Rusting or Rusted Angle Irons

Rusting suggests that you may eventually need garage and angle iron replacement in Greenwood.

However, this issue is not nearly as urgent as the last one we mentioned. You should still contact a professional for a repair—if you don’t the problem could escalate—but your home is still safe.  


Displaced, Shifted, or Missing Angle Iron

Naturally, if your angle iron is missing, you will need window and garage replacement in Greenwood services promptly.

Even if your home has not demonstrated signs of structural damage, the situation could develop negatively at any moment. Contact an expert immediately. 

Getting Your Window or Garage Angle Irons Replaced

angle iron replacement process

Though the task may seem daunting, staying on top of your window and garage angle irons in the best way to ensure that a problem doesn’t develop.

Remember that the faster you detect an issue the less significant the damage will ultimately be. 

Angle irons will last for a long time but not forever.

Monitor the situation and schedule inspections and repairs as needed to keep everything copacetic. 


Window Angle Iron Replacement

Window angle irons can typically be replaced in a single day, and may take between 1-6 hours on average.

The actual time expectancy may vary depending on how accessible your window is, and what sort of additional damage has been done to the masonry work. 

Once the company you hire has been out to inspect the damage they should be able to give you a much firmer estimate on cost and time requirements.  


Garage Angle Iron Replacement

Garage angle irons are similar to those of the window variety in that they can be replaced quickly. Once again, the time and money requirements will vary significantly from job to job. 


Angle Iron Replacement Cost

The cost for both repairs can range up to +$400.

The cost will depend primarily on the extent of the damage, the material selected, and the accessibility of the window or garage. 


Don’t Ignore a Damaged Angle Iron

It’s never a good idea to let a damaged angle iron sit there unattended.

Not only will ignoring the problem make it more expensive to repair in the long run but it may also be dangerous to your home and your family. 

Don’t wait. Contact a professional to get the ball rolling on this important repair


For a Quality Job, Contact a Trusted Greenwood Masonry Company

When handling your home, you want a contractor you trust.

Learn more about common masonry needs and see how calling in a community-driven team could benefit your brick home! 

Contact us today for a quote so we can help you solve your angle iron replacement needs!


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