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Chimney crowns cap off your chimney system providing security both from pests, and the elements.

Not only are they a vital component of keeping things you don’t want out of your home but they also help maintain the overall health of your chimney system. 

While they are built to last for a long time, caps do require maintenance and will even need to be replaced from time to time. 

In these situations, it’s always a good idea to go in with plenty of knowledge.

In this post, we review what is a chimney crown, why you need it, and what to do when yours has been damaged. 

Read on for everything you need to know about chimney crowns in Greenwood. 

Chimney Crowns 101

what is a chimney crown

Chimney crowns may not look like much from the outside. A simple slab, no more than a few feet long that goes on top of your chimney. How important could it really be? Simple though it may be in appearance, it plays a vital role in protecting your home from contamination. 


What is a Chimney Crown?

Chimney crowns, sometimes called weather caps, are simply tough slabs that can be made of a range of different materials. They go on top of your chimney, sealing off the entry point. A well-constructed chimney cap will help preserve the life expectancy of your overall chimney system which—when well maintained—can last for as long as your home.


What Does a Chimney Crown Do?

Simply put, chimney crowns serve as an important barrier between your home and the outside world. Not only do they keep the weather out, but they are also key to ensuring that pests don’t use your fireplace as a point of entry into your home. 

Improperly maintained fireplaces can allow in rodents, bats, scores of insects, and birds. Chimney crowns in Greenwood help prevent this. 

Designed to last for up to 70 years, they are an important investment that can help you avoid the much more expensive costs of chimney replacement and other home repairs. 

Do I Need a Chimney Crown?

It’s true: your chimney will work without a crown. But do you want it to? An uncapped chimney has no protection from rain, snow, dirt, and vermin. Not only are these things unpleasant, but they are also destructive, causing significant damage to your chimney, and the rest of your home. 

Without a crown, your entire chimney system will deteriorate much quicker than it is supposed to, resulting in repair and replacement costs that significantly outweigh the expense of maintaining your crown.

In other words, yes. You need chimney crowns in Greenwood. 

I Think My Chimney Crown Looks Damaged but How Can I Know for Sure?

If you think your chimney crown looks damaged from the outside, you are probably right. Visual signs of damage include cracks or crumbling materials. 

Damage to the crown itself that can be seen from the roof is usually significant. Inside your home, there may be more subtle indications that your crown requires repair or replacement. 

Moisture build-up in your fireplace is one sign. Swollen or crumbling masonry work is another. 

When chimney tiles start falling, it’s evidence that the damage is significant. 

Chimney Crown Repair Services

chimney crown repair services

The good news is that not all damage requires a full replacement. Early detection is key to keeping problems from getting out of hand, thus reducing your chimney crown repair cost.  


Damaged Chimney Crown 

Is your chimney crown damaged? Call in a trusted masonry professional to find out more about what’s going on and learn what it will take to get your chimney back in good shape. 

Can It Be Fixed?

While only experts will be able to say for certain if the crown can be replaced, the general rule of thumb is that minor damage is fixable, while significant cracks usually require a full replacement. 


How do I find a trusted contractor to fix my chimney crown? 

When looking into chimney crowns in Greenwood, it is always a good idea to contact multiple professionals. Not only will this provide you with a range of quotes, but it may also help you learn more about your home’s unique needs. 

Chimney Crown Replacement

chimney crown replacement

When the damage becomes significant, it’s time for a chimney crown replacement.

In these situations, there are some things you should know that may help you make a buying decision. 

Types of Chimney Crowns

There are several different kinds of chimney crowns in Greenwood to be aware of. 

types of chimney crowns

Metal Chimney Crown

Metal chimney crowns are a trendy development that is prized both for their appearance and their durability. 


Stone Chimney Crown

Different from concrete, stone chimney crowns can be ornate and are often selected to match existing masonry work. 


Concrete Chimney Crown

Concrete chimney crowns are the most common option. They are durable, relatively affordable, and designed to last for upward of seventy years. 


Save time & money for chimney crowns in Greenwood by getting a contractor you can trust!

If your chimney crown in greenwood is looking a bit rough, maybe it’s time to replace it! Thinking it looks more like a full chimney remodel? We have a library of resources to help you decide!

Remember: damage to your chimney crown can lead to damage to your chimney. Damage to your chimney can lead to damage to your home. You don’t want that. Be proactive. Contact a professional today to avoid further damage and get your chimney working the way it should. 


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