Does the chimney in your Carmel, Indiana home need a crown replacement?

Need to Replace Your Chimney Crowns in Carmel?

Chimney crowns are an important element of your overall fireplace infrastructure.

When they are working the way they should, they keep the weather—and sometimes even animals—out of your home. The chimney crown benefits are enormous, but time and disrepair can whittle them away. 

Chimney crown repair can be a stressful time in any homeowner’s life, but with the right knowledge, the process becomes a lot easier. 

In this article, we go over everything you need to know about replacing or repairing chimney crowns in Carmel. 

What Is the Crown on a Chimney? 

What is a chimney crown and what's the purpose of it?

So, what is a chimney crown?

Carmel chimney crowns are toppers that go on your chimney. They are relatively small—especially when one considers the important role they play—and easy to overlook with a passive glance. 

Step outside your house, however, and you’ll see it there—stoically protecting your home from its perch. 

What Does a Chimney Crown Do? 

As described in the introduction, Carmel chimney crowns are essentially there to keep the Carmel outside out.

Fireplace networks that haven’t been properly outfitted are an enormous point of entry, both for animals, moisture, and the cold. Chimney crowns in Carmel play an important role in making sure that doesn’t happen.

Do I Need a Chimney Crown?

You definitely do.

A home without a Carmel chimney crown may not be immediately flooded with raccoons and rainwater, but over time damage will accumulate.

The stakes may be higher than you assume. Not only can this threaten the entire chimney system—which would result in a major repair itself—but also the rest of your home.

​​It’s also good to keep in mind that having a working fireplace is a good way to make your home more desirable. Seventy percent of surveyed real estate agents claimed that fireplaces can boost a home’s value by up to 12%.  

Does My Chimney Crown Need Repair?

The fact that you’re reading this article is a pretty good indication that it does, but let’s explore the issue further

Is there evidence of moisture in your fireplace? When the situation is really bad, you may be able to see beads of condensation. 

Otherwise, you’ll notice it in the form of crumbling mortar, falling tiles, and so on. 

What’s the Difference Between a Chimney Crown and a Chimney Cap?

Chimney crowns go directly on top of chimney caps to provide important protection features that work together to keep the elements out. 

You will usually need both to make sure that your home is secure.

Chimney Crown Repair and Replacement 101

All you need to know bout repairing and replacing your chimney crown in Carmel

Your Carmel chimney crown may be repairable instead of replaced. This is usually determined at the discretion of the professionals servicing your chimney

However, you may find it worthwhile to contact multiple contractors to get different opinions.

While you may be relieved to only need a repair, do keep in mind that replacements pay off in the long run. Your money buys you good results and peace of mind. 

How Long Do Chimney Crowns Last?

Chimney crowns are supposed to last for a long time—often as long as fifty years. 

When they fail prior to that, it’s usually because the construction wasn’t very good from the start. 

The good news is that replacing your Carmel chimney crown is something you will only need to do once if you choose the right professional.

How Do I Know If My Chimney Crown Is Bad? 

You’ll usually know that your Carmel chimney crown is bad because you’ve experienced weather intrusion. Typically, the subtler the sign, the better off you are. 

Moisture intrusion might be a relatively mild sign while falling tiles or swollen bricks represent a much bigger problem. 

How Do You Fix a Crack in a Chimney Crown? 

A good professional service will be able to fix a minor crack in your chimney crown by filling it up

Get multiple quotes to find the best deal for this service, but don’t discount experience. The cheapest contractor isn’t necessarily the best one. 

Do I Need an Experienced Masonry Professional? 

You definitely do. This isn’t a do-it-yourself problem. 

You need your Carmel chimney crown professionally serviced to make sure the problem is addressed properly. 

Understand the Types of Chimney Crowns

Learn more about the various chimney crown options for your Carmel home

They are several types to choose from. They vary, both in terms of price and quality. 

Metal Crowns

Metal crowns are popular because they tend to be very durable. They will be costly, but if you want something that can go the distance, this might be the choice for you. 

Stone Crowns

Stone Carmel chimney crowns are both functional and ornate. People often choose them to match their existing masonry work. 

This is also a pricey option but may add curb appeal to your home. 

Concrete Crowns

Concrete crowns are historically the most popular option. Not as showy as the previous two, but reasonably priced, and functional. 

What Is the Best Material for a Masonry Chimney Crown

The best material for your Carmel chimney crown will depend on the situation. It’s best to work with a professional to determine what option is right for you. 

Get Your Chimney Crown in Carmel Replaced the Right Way – Work With an Experienced Contractor 

If your chimney crown in Carmel is looking a bit rough, maybe it’s time to replace it! It’s best not to wait. You don’t want your damaged chimney crown to cause problems for the rest of your home. Start by reaching out to reliable masonry contractors to gather quotes.

Thinking it looks more like a full chimney remodel? We have a library of resources to help you decide. You can learn more about full chimney rebuilds by clicking here


Hire a trained and experienced masonry expert to repair or replace your chimney crown


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