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Looking for Quality Fishers Chimney Crowns?

Chimney crowns, as their name suggests, are the top most part of a good chimney.

They are structurally necessary, and can even be ornamental, maintaining your chimney’s attractive appearance while keeping it in tip-top shape. 

If you have a fireplace, you will want to learn as much as you can about chimney crowns in Fishers.

In this post, we'll provide some key background information, describing what crowns are, what they do, and what it will take to maintain or even replace them. 

Read on to learn more about choosing the right Chimney crowns in Fishers for you. 


What’s a Chimney Crown? 

Fishers chimney crown

Chimney crowns are, by appearance, a relatively simple component of your network. Yet, they play a vital role in keeping your chimney and your home in good shape.

Like all elements of your chimney and fireplace, they should be routinely inspected for damage, both to ensure optimal function, and to prevent minor imperfections from turning into major problems. 

There are several things you should know about chimney crowns in Fishers. 


Chimney Crowns

Chimney crowns are the top most cover of your chimney.

If you look up at your roof, you’ll be able to identify it quickly as a slab—often concrete, though we will talk later about what are chimney crowns made of—that goes directly on top of the chimney. 

What Does a Chimney Crown Do? 

The main purpose of a crown is to keep contaminants like dirt and moisture out of your home. It can also be used to keep pests out.

When chimneys aren’t maintained properly they can serve as an access point into your home for mice, squirrels, birds, bats, and more.

Chimney crowns serve as a barrier, keeping the things you don’t want out of your home. 

Chimney crown functionality diagram

Do I Need a Chimney Crown? 

If you have a fireplace, you do need a chimney crown. In addition to keeping your fireplace in good condition, it can also prevent damage to your home.

While the chimney itself will function without a cap, not having one allows unfettered access of outdoor contaminants in your home. 

Does My Chimney Crown Need Repair?

Moisture build-up, peeling paint on the interior of your fireplace, or deteriorating brick quality are subtle signs that something is wrong.

While no one wants to find damage to their chimney at all, small indications of crown corruption are actually good news—often indicating that the damage can be repaired without the need for a full replacement. 

When you notice these symptoms, it’s time to start looking into chimney crown repair costs.

By acting quickly, you can avoid further damage, and get your chimney back into proper condition.

Chimney Crown Replacement 

Unfortunately, chimney crowns don’t last forever.

While the average crown can enjoy a life expectancy of almost seventy years, poorly constructed, or improperly maintained structures usually don’t last nearly that long. 

When the damage becomes severe, repairs are no longer practical. There are some situations where repairs won’t cut it. In these situations, a full replacement will be necessary. 

signs you need a chimney crown replacement

Visual Damage

Visual damage to the crown is a strong indication that a full replacement will be necessary.

While minor cracks can be repaired anything that is visually apparent from a distance is likely to require a full replacement. 


Chimney Damage 

Falling flue tiles or bricks is a strong sign that the damage to your chimney is becoming severe.

You may also notice that the bricks on the interior of your fireplace have become swollen. This is an indication that moisture has gotten into your masonry work, which means your chimney crown isn’t doing its job. 

Call in the masonry professionals before more repairs become necessary. 


Always Call an Experienced Masonry Professional

A chimney crown replacement should not be done amateurishly. Look into professionals for chimney crowns in Fishers to get quotes on replacement costs.

The cost will vary based on the size of your chimney, the materials you choose, and other variables.

While replacements can be pricey, it’s usually a one-time cost.

Good crowns can last for many decades, meaning you shouldn’t have to worry about it again. 


Time for A New Chimney Crown: What Are My Options?

Chimney crown options

What are chimney crowns made of? There are actually several popular options.

The right crown for you will depend both on your taste and the needs of your existing fireplace. 



Stone chimney crowns in Fishers can be used as an ornate fixture—often chosen to match the chimney appearance.

They have the same chimney crown benefits as concrete, and many find them attractive. Note that brick and mortar cannot be used as a chimney crown.



Concrete slabs are by far the most popular option.

They are tough, and relatively affordable, making them a good way to fortify your chimney. 



Metal chimney crowns have been trendy in recent years because they're very durable and can be expected to last for a long time. 


How to select a chimney crown

How Do I Pick?

With all of these options, how can you choose from all the chimney crowns in Fishers?

Contact a professional for a quote and see what the experts recommend. 


Don’t Wait Too Long to Find the Right Chimney Crown Contractor in Fishers

If you think it’s time for a replacement, don’t wait around! Call a pro and find out what you can do to get it fixed. There are options for every style and need! 

Remember, chimneys aren’t just an outdoor roof fixture.

They communicate directly with your home and can cause serious damage to the house itself when left ignored.

In situations where damage is apparent, early detection is always key, both to keeping costs down and preventing further damage to your chimney and fireplace. 

Why wait? Request a complimentary quote and find out what it will take to get your chimney back in tip-top shape. 


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