image shows Hoosier Masonry Solutions supports education through Teacher's Treasures

Hoosier Masonry Solutions Empowering Education through Teachers' Treasures Support

At Hoosier Masonry Solutions, we pride ourselves not only on the quality of our masonry work but also on our commitment to giving back to the community. Each project we undertake is not just about building structures but also about supporting the educational needs of our local schools. A significant portion of our earnings is dedicated to Teachers' Treasures, a valued organization that provides free school supplies to teachers and students in Marion County.

For every project commissioned, we donate a portion of our earnings to Teachers' Treasures. This strategic approach ensures that as our business grows, so does our ability to contribute to the educational community. 

The funds provided help Teachers' Treasures acquire and distribute essential school supplies to teachers and students who face significant financial challenges. This support is crucial because many students in the area attend schools with high rates of eligibility for free or reduced lunch, indicating broader economic challenges.

Making a Change 

Image shows Hoosier Masonry Solutions contributes to education through Teacher's Treasure

Our financial contributions have helped Teachers' Treasures expand their reach and impact. Since our collaboration began, we have seen a substantial increase in the number of teachers and students benefiting from the program. This partnership not only enriches their educational experiences but also relieves teachers of the personal financial burden often incurred when purchasing classroom supplies.

Moreover, our involvement with Teachers' Treasures is a reflection of our core values. We believe in building strong foundations—both through the structures we create and the community initiatives we support. 

By investing in the education of local students, we are investing in the future workforce and leaders of Marion County. Our hope is that through continuous support, we can help bridge the gap in educational resources, allowing every child the opportunity to succeed academically.

About Teachers' Treasures

Teachers' Treasures was established in 2000 by Phyllis Imel, a retired school principal driven by her passion for supporting at-risk children and their educational needs. Recognizing the challenges teachers faced in providing adequate supplies for their classrooms, Phyllis envisioned a unique solution—a "free store for teachers." This initiative aimed to help educators obtain the necessary resources without the burden of out-of-pocket expenses.

The concept materialized in the basement of Washington Community School on the near Westside of Indianapolis. Initially, it was a modest operation in an unused space, supported by a dedicated team of volunteers who sought out product and financial contributions from the community. Their efforts were focused on collecting educational supplies that would enable teachers to enhance the learning experience for their students without financial strain.

Growth and Development

As awareness of Teachers' Treasures grew within the educational and business communities, so did the demand for its services. The need for more space became apparent, and in a significant turn of events, the grocery chain Kroger stepped in to support the cause. Kroger leased a former store location at 1800 E. 10th Street to Teachers' Treasures for a nominal fee, providing a much larger space for operations.

In September 2007, Teachers' Treasures opened its doors at this new location, which was almost three times larger than the original space. This expansion allowed them to increase their reach and impact significantly, serving more teachers and, consequently, more students.

Mission and Vision

The mission of Teachers' Treasures is to equip educators with free, essential resources necessary for classroom success, thereby ensuring that all students have equitable access to quality education. The organization's vision extends beyond just supplying resources; it aims to close the opportunity gaps and foster stronger, more educated communities throughout Marion County.

Teachers' Treasures continues to operate as a vital resource for teachers in Marion County, serving educators from public, charter, and parochial schools. The organization thrives on community support, including contributions from local businesses like Hoosier Masonry Solutions, which see the value in investing in the education of local youth.

Through its enduring commitment and community support, Teachers' Treasures has become an indispensable part of the educational landscape in Marion County. This ensures that teachers and students have the tools they need for success in the classroom and beyond.

Support Through Hoosier Masonry Solutions

Support education through Hoosier Masonry Solutions

By choosing Hoosier Masonry Solutions for your next building or renovation project, you're not just investing in top-quality craftsmanship; you're also making a direct contribution to the education of local children. 

Every project we complete includes a portion of our earnings donated to Teachers' Treasures, helping to provide essential school supplies to Marion County's teachers and students. Consider us for your next project, and take an active role in supporting our community's educational future.

Join Us in Supporting Teachers' Treasures

Beyond financial donations, there are numerous ways you can contribute to Teachers' Treasures' mission. Volunteering your time or resources can make a significant impact. Whether organizing supply drives, assisting in the store, or spreading the word about the organization’s needs and initiatives, your involvement can help sustain and expand their efforts.

  • Volunteer: Join the dedicated team of volunteers at Teachers' Treasures to help sort, organize, and distribute supplies.
  • Donate Supplies: Contribute new or gently used educational materials and school supplies.
  • Financial Contributions: Monetary donations are always welcome and are crucial for maintaining and expanding the operations of Teachers' Treasures.

Get inspired to make a difference in your own community by supporting local businesses that donate to worthy causes. Every donation is greatly appreciated by the students and future leaders of our community. 

Choose Hoosier Masonry Solutions

Do you have a pressing masonry need? There is no better reason to choose Hoosier Masonry Solutions for your chimney repair or pavers than their support of Teachers’ Treasures. Receive quality craftsmanship and trusted results from a company invested in the community. 

Transform your space with the timeless beauty and durability of expert masonry. Contact Hoosier Masonry Solutions today for a consultation and see how we can bring your vision to life!

Contact us to find out more about how we support education through Teacher's Treasures.

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